Speed up your business with blazing fast WiFi

Known for our fast networks, our WiFi solution will remove all of your wireless headaches. With advanced monitoring and airtime detection, our WiFi is industry leading.


Why use our WiFi? What's different?

We're a certified installer of Ubiquiti products. We chose Ubiquiti as we believe they are the industry leader in emerging network technologies. At any location we install networking, we give our clients the same view we do. You can monitor your own bandwidth, have captive portals, guest networking, limit clients bandwidth and many many more useful things you've never been able to do.

Next Generation WiFi

We guarantee any issues you had with your WiFi will be gone after we've installed our devices. We're able to map your premises for WiFi strength and target certain areas to ensure you have complete coverage.

Captive Portals / Guest WiFi

You get a free captive portal, designed to match your company's brand. Capture guests details as they use your WiFi. If you feel really cheeky, we can even add a payment gateway.

Elite Support

With our support packages available, you can be sure we'll be on top of anything you ask of us.


Ubiquiti through-and-through.

We've chosen Ubiquiti as a sole supplier of our network products. After you've used Ubiquiti, you'll understand why.

Check out where Ubiquiti has been used: https://www.ubnt.com/customers/

Still not enough? Check this out.


Outdoor WiFi

We can install WiFi anywhere, even if there's no physical cabling such as power or Ethernet. Ubiquiti products specialise in long range connectivity.


Point to Point WiFi

Have multiple buildings with no way of getting a cable there? Use our point-to-point wireless network. We can install out P2P up to 5KM away from each location.

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