Keep an eye on things.

With our CCTV offering, you can trust that when you leave your office or home you'll be able to see everything as if you were there. Also, be notified of motion where ever you are in the world.


Push Notifications

Get notified when there's motion and there shouldn't be.

Night Vision

Our cameras come standard with night vision. We can even add extra night vision for long distances or large areas.

Flexible Design

You can start with 4 cameras and work your way up to 400. With our systems, you can expand infinitely.

Secure Storage

Content can be kept locally and in our Cloud to ensure that the footage you need is never lost.

Designed for all devices

CCTV can be monitored from any device, anywhere in the world.

Our (Ubiquiti) CCTV application is far more advanced than any other brand in the world.


Mounted anywhere

No access? Don't worry. We've installed Unifi cameras so remote, there has been no power and no physical ethernet connection.

The flexibility of Unifi allows you to monitor locations no other system can.

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